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Heather + Her "Babies" | Motherhood | Crestview, Florida | Lifestyle Photographer

I just adore being able to get my family in the frame. All of my sessions hold a special place in my heart, but sessions with my family are even more special, for obvious reasons.

If you haven't met my sister Heather, just know she is amazing. She is stubborn and sarcastic and funny and always speaks her mind- she may even cuss a little much... But she has a heart of gold. She will literally do anything for anyone in need. I've witnessed first hand the kindness in her heart. She has done so much for me personally, and for my little family. I will never be able to fully thank her or repay her for the things she has done (and continues to do)- but I hope she knows just how much I cherish and love her. I adored her session with her babes and I hope she does, too.

Heather, Elijah, and Lillie<3


A Dad + His Boy | Florida Lifestyle Photgrapher

Oh this little session just pulled on my heart strings<3
As a Daddy's girl, the photos I have with him are SO important to me. I will cherish them forever. He was {and always will be} my safe place. My protector. My hero. My first love. He's taught me so many things about life and love that only a Dad could teach you. He has helped shape me into the person I am today and I am so beyond thankful for him- I don't tell him nearly enough- but I am so so thankful. Honestly, I feel like today Father's are totally underappreciated and it's unfair. They are just as important as Mother's and should be celebrated in the same way. 
Every year around Mother's Day I see SO MANY people booking their Motherhood Sessions and messaging me to get gift certificates for their significant others or Mother. But then Father's Day rolls around and nothing. Why? There are so many amazing Dad's in the world that support, nurture, and share the responsibility of caring for their children- even some single Dad's who do all the raising on their own- but for some reason I never have anyone book a "Fatherhood" Session.
Maybe it's because men don't usually like being in front of the camera. Maybe it just seems "odd" because no one else is doing it. Whatever it is, we need to change it because our children NEED these moments with their Dad to look back on. And years from now when you're sitting at home in an empty house, you'll need them to. So if you're the wife to an amazing man who is also an amazing Father- book a session for him! If you're a single Dad doing it all on your own- book a session for yourself! I promise to make it fun and as pain-free as possible. No posing or forced smiles, just Dad + his kiddos making memories. 
For those interested, I'll be doing Fatherhood Mini Sessions for a special price- message me for more info<3

In the meantime, enjoy some photos from this super sweet and fun Father + Son Creek Session.

"One day all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you're in them."