A love story | Trey + Kimberly | Crestview, Florida | Couples Photographer

Trey and Kimberly’s session was so different from anything else I’ve done. Not because the location is unique or anything, but because these two are soooo goofy and had me CACKLING the entire session!! They are hilariously and wonderfully themselves and I’m so glad they answered my model call. I asked to hear a little about their love story and seriously, they are the absolute cutest humans ever! They said I could share with you guys so here it is…….

Apparently Trey was completely smitten from the beginning. Kimberly, however, took a bit more convincing ;) Despite the MANY failed attempts at getting her to go on a date with him - Trey didn’t give up. The boy was RELENTLESS and good thing too because after several months of occasional texting and persuading on his part, she finally agreed to go out with him. Kim still wasn’t keen on the idea and SWORE it was not a date….but as fate would have it, the two of them clicked instantly! She said it was like they had known each other their whole life and were best friends already. She still kicks herself for not agreeing to it sooner but she also enjoys teasing him for “stalking” her for 9 months HAHA. Now 4 years later they are married with 2 beautiful babes and 3 awesome pups ❤️

The sweetest right?! Check out their session below <3